Lei Garden Chinese New Year Delights

Lei Garden has always enjoyed a reputation for its Dim Sum products. The five Chinese New Year puddings we launched are all created with handpicked quality ingredients and made from our unique recipe, 100% made in Hong Kong. It would be perfect as a gift or sharing among friends and family in this festive occasion. 

  • Coconut Juice Sticky Rice Pudding

    Made from fresh coconut milk and premium cane sugar, this pudding is best served pan-fried for a fragrant, sweet and gooey sensation. 

  • Water Chestnut pudding

    The golden and spongy pudding is fashioned from our special recipe for a refreshing flavor and texture with the delightful crunchiness of water chestnuts. 

  • Turnip Pudding

    Blended from top quality dried shrimp and premium Chinese preserved pork sausage, the turnip pudding is flavorful and tender. 

  • Taro Pudding

    A savory and tender pudding made from hand-picked taro and premium Chinese preserved pork sausage. 

  • Dates Pudding

    Signature item of Lei Garden. Made from premium red dates from Xinjiang province and fresh coconut milk, this soft and chewy pudding oozes an alluring aroma that is hard to resist.