Seasonal Products

Lei Garden Restaurant Group produces a wide variety of traditional Chinese festival food products catering to different seasonal occasions, including Chinese puddings, glutinous rice dumplings and moon cakes.

With the upcoming inauguration of the new Taipo factory, Lei Garden group will aim to develop more and expand our sales network, with the goal of bringing our quality products to a wider customer base.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes

    Lei Garden Mooncakes are 100% made in Hong Kong with our secret recipe and top-notch ingredients. Each is a feast of light and crisp skin with flavourful and smooth filling.

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  • Rice Dumpling Series

    To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, Lei Garden present you our rice dumplings made with traditional cooking technique and specially selected high quality ingredients. We insist not to add any preservatives and chemicals, so that all our patrons can enjoy our rice dumplings.

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  • Lei Garden Chinese New Year Delights

    Lei Garden has always enjoyed a reputation for its Dim Sum products. The five Chinese New Year puddings we launched are all created with handpicked quality ingredients and made from our unique recipe, 100% made in Hong Kong. It would be the perfect gift for friends and family in this festive occasion.

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