Sauces and Snacks

  • Lei Garden’s Original XO Sauce

    Created in 1983 exclusively by Lei Garden, the XO sauce is now one of the most popular sauces for Chinese cuisines worldwide. Lei Garden’s Original XO Sauce is created with quality conpoy, ham and shrimp roe, and is suitable for a wide variety of cuisines including meats and seafood. It is also perfect as a snack to serve with wines.

  • Sugar Coated Walnut

    Each piece of walnut is carefully prepared for extra crispiness and sweet flavour.

  • Chu Hou Sauce

    Chu Hou Sauce is created from soy, garlic and preserved tangerine peel, and is a delightful addition to braised and stir-fried meats.

  • Chili Bean Sauce

    The Lei Garden Chili Bean Sauce is uniquely concocted using marinated chilli and broad beans. It is suitable as an exciting dip for all sorts of dishes and a key ingredient in the classic Mapo Tofu.

  • Sweet and Sour Sauce

    The Lei Garden Sweet and Sour Sauce is created from plums, hawthorn and lemon, suitable for preparing sweet and sour pork and ribs and also a perfect companion for all crisp snacks.

  • Traditional preserved meats

    Lei Garden’s preserved meats are dried naturally under the sun followed by charcoal flames for a distinctive flavour. The entire process is monitored for the highest quality. All preserved sausages and meats are created from fresh pork belly while the liver sausage is created using fresh goose liver for a fragrant and lasting flavour.