Lei Garden Restaurant Group has always strived to serve “Safe, Healthy, Hygienic, & Delicious” food to the widest audience possible. Nowadays the entire food production chain is besieged by a flood of genetic-modified, contaminated, and sub-standard food products, which are not only distasteful but health-threatening. It is against such a background that Mr. S.K. Chan, founder of Lei Garden, decided to revolutionize the food industry. By building a self-run farm, complemented by an integrated production line incorporating raw material production, freezing and processing, and logistics, Mr. Chan has managed to build a one-stop operation model to bring food of the highest quality literally from “farm to table”. One of the keys in the process is to retain in the food the highest nutritional content, and through dedicated research bring back the original flavours that has been lost in modern day production for the ultimate enjoyment of our diners.

“Farmorrow is an experimental farm established by Lei Garden Restaurant Group in Zhanjiang in 2010.

Its name, formed from “farm” and “tomorrow”, suggests that the farm is dedicated to the future of the human race. The total area of the farm is 300 acres (approximately 200,000 sq. m.), and boasts an annual output of 10,000 high-quality pigs, 100,000 premium broilers and 300,000 eggs. Its facilities also include a sustainable organic growing area and an environmentally-sustainable farm that operates livestock breeding, organic farming – all ran on reusable energy.

In research and development, Lei Garden Restaurant Group collaborates with top universities and agricultural experts to exploring at the source techniques of planting and breeding, with the aim to recreate the original taste in crops and livestock. Use of bio-chemicals include fertilizers or antibiotics are minimized with the focus on eliminating chemical components affecting the taste, while maximizing the nutritional quality and the genuine taste of the food products.